2024 Japan's Tariff Schedule ( Statistical Code for Import )(April 1, 2024 NEW)

Statistical code H.S.code Description Unit Tariff rate General Temporary WTO GSP LDC Compare
38.01 Artificial graphite; colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite; preparations based on graphite or other carbon in the form of pastes, blocks, plates or other semi-manufactures. /   --
3801.10.000 Artificial graphite /KG 3%  2.5% Free Compare-38.01
3801.20.000 Colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite /KG 3%  2.5% Free Compare-3801.10.000
3801.30.000 Carbonaceous pastes for electrodes and similar pastes for furnace linings /KG 3.8%  2.6% Free Compare-3801.20.000
3801.90.000 Other /KG 3.2%  (3.2%) Free Compare-3801.30.000
38.02.000 Activated carbon; activated natural mineral products; animal black, including spent animal black. /   Compare-3801.90.000
3802.10.000 Activated carbon /KG 2.9%  (2.9%) Free Compare-38.02.000
3802.90.000 Other /KG 3%  2.5% Free Compare-3802.10.000
38.03.000 /   Compare-3802.90.000
3803.00.000 Tall oil, whether or not refined. /KG Free  (Free) Compare-38.03.000
38.04.000 /   Compare-3803.00.000
3804.00.000 Residual lyes from the manufacture of wood pulp, whether or not concentrated, desugared or chemically treated, including lignin sulphonates, but excluding tall oil of heading 38.03. /KG Free  (Free) Compare-38.04.000
38.05.000 Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine and other terpenic oils produced by the distillation or other treatment of coniferous woods; crude dipentene; sulphite turpentine and other crude para-cymene; pine oil containing α-terpineol as the main constituent. /   Compare-3804.00.000
3805.10.000 Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine oils /KG Free  (Free) Compare-38.05.000
3805.90.000 Other /   Compare-3805.10.000
3805.90.100 1 Pine oil /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3805.90.000
3805.90.900 2 Other /KG 3%  2.5% Free Compare-3805.90.100
38.06.900 Rosin and resin acids, and derivatives thereof; rosin spirit and rosin oils; run gums. /   Compare-3805.90.900
3806.10.000 Rosin and resin acids /KG Free  (Free) Compare-38.06.900
3806.20.000 Salts of rosin, of resin acids or of derivatives of rosin or resin acids, other than salts of rosin adducts /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3806.10.000
**1The tariff rates in this column are for the tariff lines in the Schedule of Japan, Sub-Section 5, Section B, Annex I of the Agreement.