2024 Japan's Tariff Schedule ( Statistical Code for Import )(April 1, 2024 NEW)

Statistical code H.S.code Description Unit Tariff rate General Temporary WTO GSP LDC Compare
33.01 Essential oils (terpeneless or not), including concretes and absolutes; resinoids; extracted oleoresins; concentrates of essential oils in fats, in fixed oils, in waxes or the like, obtained by enfleurage or maceration; terpenic by-products of the deterpenation of essential oils; aqueous distillates and aqueous solutions of essential oils. /   --
33.01 Essential oils of citrus fruit : /   Compare-33.01
3301.12.000 Of orange /KG Free  (Free) Compare-33.01
3301.13.000 Of lemon /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3301.12.000
3301.19.000 Other /   Compare-3301.13.000
3301.19.100 1 Of bergamot /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3301.19.000
3301.19.100 2 Other / 3.2%  Compare-3301.19.100
3301.19.210 - Of lime /KG   (3.2%) Free Compare-3301.19.100
3301.19.290 - Other /KG   (3.2%) Free Compare-3301.19.210
3301.19.290 Essential oils other than those of citrus fruit : /   Compare-3301.19.290
3301.24.000 Of peppermint (Mentha piperita) /KG 3.2%  (3.2%) Free Compare-3301.19.290
3301.25.000 Of other mints /   Compare-3301.24.000
3301.25.000 1 Peppermint oil obtained from Mentha arvensis /   Compare-3301.25.000
3301.25.011 (1) Containing more than 65% by weight of total menthol when determined by the testing method stipulated by a Cabinet Order /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3301.25.000
3301.25.019 (2)Other /KG 9.6%  9% 7.2% Free Compare-3301.25.011
3301.25.020 2 Other peppermint oils /KG 3.2%  (3.2%) Free Compare-3301.25.019
3301.25.030 3 Other /KG 3%  2.2% Free Compare-3301.25.020
3301.29.030 Other /   Compare-3301.25.030
3301.29.100 1 Bay leaf oil, cananga oil, cassia oil, cedar oil, citronella oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, fennel oil, star-anise oil, petit-grain oil, rosemary oil, rosewood oil, sandal wood oil, ylang-ylang oil, cinnamon leaf oil, ginger grass oil, palmarosa oil, thyme oil, gyusho oil lemongrass oil and patchouli oil /KG Free  (Free) Compare-3301.29.030
3301.29.200 2 Ho oil /KG 2.5%  2.2% Free Compare-3301.29.100
**1The tariff rates in this column are for the tariff lines in the Schedule of Japan, Sub-Section 5, Section B, Annex I of the Agreement.